A Storm In A Teacup: A Battle With Fear

There’s a curious thing I discovered about fear over the years.

In most cases, it’s not the lack of talent, knowledge or abilities that stop us from living the life we want or doing things we love. It’s fear. That enemy within, rather than limited opportunities, is what usually stops us from aligning with our life Purpose.

Now here’s the weird thing.

In the majority of cases, we actually never realise it. We never realise who our true adversary is and blame our setbacks on a bunch of other factors.

The ability to discover what you’re really afraid of is rarer than you think.

It takes years of dedicated, mindful practice (you’re double lucky if you have a teacher by your side who can help).

The greatest fear that often goes unchecked (and can shape your entire life without you ever realising it) is the fear of going against your mental programming, against the old familiar confines of self-imposed and adopted limitations.

This sounds ridiculous to our conscious mind; it typically rejects the idea out of hand. How can you possibly be afraid of doing what you love and living the life you were born to live?

However, that’s how the ego works. It craves safety, real or imaginary, and mediocrity usually feels for it like a safe place to be.

Playing below your abilities, not standing out too much, means that you’re covered, hidden in the shadows, blending in with the thousands of others. Safe, mediocre, suffocating existence–this what many people are forced into, without knowing, by their fear.

What’s the solution?

Mindfulness and self-enquiry, as Sri Maharshi famously suggested. Not many know about this, but mindfulness is not merely a calming exercise. It’s a sublime art of discovering your true inner power. It is the art of penetrating through, and burning through all layers of the mundane dirt to the core nature of your being, the Te of the Taoists, the eternal Light within.

From that place of inner power and stillness, there gradually emerges a profound understanding that changes the way you go through your life and interact with the world.

Once you’re there, you don’t have to push against your fears, or fight to ‘overcome’ them–you simply dismiss them as laughable. You get to see them for what they really are–a storm in a teacup.

And then, you’re free.




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