If you are serious about taking your self-development on a whole new level, taking a training will make a tremendous difference.

Our unique system is specially designed for people like you. People, who are committed to uncovering their life Purpose and true strength.

You will be able to break free from the reality that doesn’t make you justice, find your own Path and light the way for those who need your guidance.

Some of the benefits you will experience:

  • Freedom from anxiety
  • Improved focus and discipline
  • The sense of inner power and finding a deeper meaning in life
  • The feeling of balance and control
  • Improved physical health and strength
  • Developing your psychic skills so you can become yourself on a more profound level and serve the world greatly

Even after a self-development training, many people still play small. This is because the majority of systems out there tend to be distorted or incomplete, so following them rarely gives real results, no matter how much work you put in. To perform a true alchemy of the mind, you need a code of how to do it. 

ARIYA Mind Training is such a code. It will help you understand what is stopping you from tapping into your true power, so you can discover how to set yourself free and make a profound difference in the world.  

Our system comprises only 3 steps, and in the majority of cases taking the first two will be enough to radically improve and empower your life.  


The Master of the Elements

This level will teach you to gain a true understanding of your mind. You will find out your primary personality makeup, and why some things come easy to you, while the other ones are a struggle. You will discover how to make choices that are the most congruent with your true nature and achieve inner peace and balance.

You will also learn how to read other people without them even knowing, so you can create deeper, more meaningful and more powerful connections with others. This will be profoundly helpful, especially if your vocation involves working with people.

After this course, you will be able to consciously choose and change your type of personality at will, and to get rid of the traits that were holding you back, and open up new possibilities in life to achieve more.

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The Mindgates Blueprint

The next step on your self-discovery journey is learning about your Mindgates blueprint.

The system of 7 Mindgates (or ‘Chakras’ in Sanskrit) is a subtle nexus of energy points and channels that decide on how you think, feel and perform in everyday life. It also allows you to influence others if you master it – or stay influenced by them, and swayed by their emotions and expectations if you don’t.

Unless you learn how to control, heal and cleanse this system, it will always keep you a prisoner of your own mind. You need to master this level in order to awaken your true strength and become who you are called to be.

Any self-development training will be incomplete without this crucial step.

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Private Training [By Invitation Only]

If you have successfully passed the previous two levels, you will be given an opportunity to apply for a private teaching for advanced students. The level includes special kinds of meditation, breathing and yoga techniques, as well as callisthenics and extended perception. You will also learn about the true structure of reality and how to become a master of it.

Taking the Level 3 Training transforms your mind. You will be able to understand and control both your mind and reality on a higher level. You will develop psychic abilities that other people dream about. Others will start perceiving you as their guiding light and a real-life superhero.

If successful, you will also be invited to join the Inner Circle as a life member and to be further trained to become one of the Master Teachers.

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