Unlock Your Life Mission And Your Power To Transform The World


The Codex contains the supreme universal code to unlocking the power within. This system once was a guiding light for society, a gateway for greatness that created heroes and legends of the ancient times. Over the course of history, many vital parts of this mental training have been forgotten, distorted or purposely misinterpreted, until eventually it was nearly lost. You belong to the first generation that once again has access to this sacred code - for the first time in thousands of years.

The principles outlined in this book are designed to help all Ariya warriors to align with their truth, awaken to their mission, and to become an unstoppable force for good and transformation in the world. 


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The Lightwatch Chronicles: The Guardians

“A time will come when people will forget. Many will lose the memory of all that made them strong, their Light within, integrity, loyalty, and honour. Many will stray from their path, tortured by their own fear and blinded by the Shadow. But we will return, remember this, we will return again to show the way, and to awaken the Sleeping Stars, and once more will the world herald the Tale of the Guardians.”

The first and only fantasy book that can help you unlock your own Destiny. There’s a secret message in this book - an answer to important questions you may have been blindly seeking until now. If this message is meant for you, you’ll instantly recognise it. This book is a gateway. Step into legend. The adventure awaits and the time has come.

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The Master Of The Elements


An ancient system restructured in a revolutionary new way to answer the challenges of the modern era. Discover how to read others and understand their actions and motives better than they do themselves, so you can coach, guide and lead your team more effectively. This book is an invaluable asset for anyone who wants to upgrade their relationship building and communication skills as well as mental resilience. It is your first step towards conscious personal evolution.

It will help you understand your mind on a deeper level effortlessly and intuitively, and become an elite version of yourself. Start making better choices that are more congruent with who you really are and transform your life into a more joyful, empowering and meaningful experience.

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The Mindgates Blueprint


The system of mindgates, also known as 'the chakras' is a crucial step on the path to true mind mastery. This knowledge not only makes a true and profound transformation possible but it also dramatically reduces the time you need to achieve your goal and see tangeable results.

Learning how to use your Mindgates to the maximum efficiency will strengthen you emotionally and physically, and also render you immute to the mental influence of other people and the mass media. You will no longer be swayed and affected too strongly by other people's emotions and expectations.

This knowledge will give you clarity and courage to follow your Path. You can discover how unlock your psychic abilities and align with your truth to create a more meaningful, liberating and profound life experience. 

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ARIYA Meditation Quotes

This book consists of short passages for daily meditations, inspired by the Tibetan practice of Lojong. Its purpose is to help one to ennoble and purify one’s mind through meditating on sacred texts.

The advantage of this book is that it is not tied to any established religious tradition and therefore can be used by people from any background. It contains nuggets of universal wisdom and self-empowering practices in a pure form. 

ARIYA Quotes aim to provide you food for thought and inspiration, as well as to serve as a powerful reminder and support you on your Path. Meditating on the deeper meaning concealed in these quotes is one of the best ways to develop a greater clarity of mind and the sense of Purpose.

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Unlock Your Life Mission And Your Power To Transform The World