The Secret Dangers of Self-Development

With the downfall of the major religions in the West, people were left spiritually stranded. What was once a clear and a safe path to personal mastery has been replaced with many obscure and often contradictory ‘spiritual practices’. Many people subconsciously reject those, rightfully sensing that there may be danger in them. Sometimes, though, the inner pain and frustration for not being fully oneself are so great that they force the person to try to those possibilities, hoping that they make bring the answer.

In the absence of true spiritual authority and clear guidelines, the discipline of self-development has largely turned into a mind-maiming trap saturated by the Shadow. Many people are not aware of this, but if you think logically, you will see clearly how it was an unavoidable course of things. Where there is no Light, the Shadow grows and thrives.

Trusting seekers are being encouraged to try many disciplines that for centuries were considered ‘forbidden’, and for a good reason. Practising them unprepared can seriously and sometimes irrevocably damage one’s mind and thinking abilities. Certain types of meditation (the Kundalini meditation, for example), as well as psychedelics, are a good example of this. Stay away from anyone who is advocating those methods to ‘expand consciousness’ and ‘achieve enlightenment’.  Those fake teachers are either genuinely misled about what they are doing or they deliberately conceal the truth in order to sell their services. Many of those who trusted such ‘teachers’ ended up taking their lives, or being confined to an asylum or a life-worth dose of medications. The official medicine has not yet reached the level where it could help the victims of those schemes.

Naturally, not all principles used by self-development coaches are dangerous. However, without a Creed, you have no way of clearly differentiating what you are dealing with.

Often, a small win with something mundane can encourage you to trust the coach unconditionally, and he can then use your trust to lead you into a trap. It is worth remembering that not all the people who position themselves as teachers and thought leaders are there to help the world. Many are driven by much more basic incentives such as getting rich quickly or pleasing their ego. It is an inconvenient truth rarely spoken about.

Those schemes and traps are powerless against you if you follow a Creed. A clear set of guidelines of what to look for and what to avoid, allows you to navigate safely even through very grey and uncertain paths.

Many people are dimply aware of this, and so they try and adopt various philosophies from far away. It is certainly better than having nothing, but the issue with those schools of thought is that they had been created in a distant era and for a very different mindset from what we have now. Eastern doctrines are also intertwined with foreign religious beliefs and are based on languages that the majority of us don’t understand, such as Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, Japanese or Chinese. It is worth keeping in mind that many subtle yet important nuisances become easily lost or distorted in translation.

Eastern philosophies are beautiful and profound, but they are often also extremely complex; to the point where even the native followers may find them challenging to comprehend. Another issue is the issue of compatibility. When choosing a diet or an exercise routine, we understand that the best choices are those that are aligned with our needs, body type and our health condition. In other words, we look for something that is congruent with what we are, so it can support us. You can stretch that outlook to everything you choose to adopt or absorb. Same as eating the food that is right for you, and following an exercise regimen that serves your personal needs, choosing your spiritual foundation should be a careful and deliberate process. Strive to find what truly resonates with you and makes you stronger, rather than trying to force into your mind a belief that doesn’t quite feel right – only because other people are raving about it.

To fully benefit from a teaching, one must be able to understand it and follow it easily. The system should be logical, transparent and offer tangible transformative results, without any unnecessary dogmas. This is why Semperism (ARIYA Creed) is a powerful and healthy alternative to many other systems.

Semperism is a philosophy focused on empowerment and enlightenment of all living beings through the ideas of integrity, purposeful life and spiritual warriorship.

The fundamental principles of Semperism philosophy are simple:

  1. You came to this world for a reason, and that reason is greater than yourself.
  2. To align with your Purpose and control your reality, you have to develop the mind of a warrior in spirit – become an Ariya
  3. Your essence is eternal and immortal
  4. You have descended into the physical reality to transform it using your power that is unique to you
  5. What you do in life echoes in eternity – your choices influence the world around you right now and for centuries to come
  6. You possess the power beyond what you realise. Your first quest in this world is to recognise that power and learn to wield it consciously
  7. Any person can become an Ariya through dedication and training

Ariya warriors are not fighters but guardians. Although many of them are trained in different kinds of combat, their primary duty is to awaken other people to their inner power and by doing so, to transform and enlighten society. Ariyas are protectors, teachers and pathmakers. But if the situation forces them to use force, they become unstoppable.

Where there is at least one Ariya in a family, then the whole family – and the whole community to which they belong – becomes sanctified. What it means is that every Ariya warrior has the power to affect other people’s lives on a deep level, helping them to awaken and to shake off their spiritual blindness and pain.

Ariya is a Sanskrit word for a ‘noble warrior is spirit’. It describes someone who is different from the rest because of the work he put into his self-development, and because of his commitment to his higher purpose.

An Ariya warrior is a Twice-Born. Once by his parents who gave him the physical body, and secondly through a spiritual teacher who has awakened the warrior to his Path, his strength, and the principles of the Ariya Creed.

A Once-Born person who believes that he is his body or his mind, and whose attention is trapped in the mundane matters, is fearful and easy to lead astray. A Twice-Born, armed with the knowledge and the power of the awakened spirit, is a formidable force for Good.

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