Enlightened Ownership [How To Eradicate Clutter]

Imagine a person who sets off on a journey. He carefully regards his belonging and chooses to carry only what he would need for his quest. This way, he can travel faster and lighter, unburdened by the unnecessary weight.

It is good to maintain this attitude throughout your life. We are all on a journey here. Take only what you need and let go of the rest, offering it to those who may need it more.

Here is the reason why. Every object that you own is linked to you by an energy thread. The larger the number of these objects the more energy links to have to feed and maintain. Additionally, they demand your attention, time and care–and with the growing possessions, the fear of losing them also grows. Numerous energy links can become a burden that slows you down in life.

To feel the power of it first hand, do this experiment. Spend some time mindfully sorting out your wardrobe, your garage or your storage room. Decisively segregate the things that you wear or use from what you might have been keeping ‘for a rainy day’ (which never came in ten years).

Clean the space well and put back only what you really need. Let go of the rest–give them to charity, friends in need or simply sell. If you have never done this before, as soon as the task is accomplished, you will be surprised by just how much lighter and stronger you feel all of a sudden. The difference between before and after can be really mindblowing.

For a warrior, a good rule of a thumb is to only allow into his life objects that meet any of these three criteria:

  • You need them for everyday life
  • They are valuable assets
  • You treasure them because of what they mean to you (keep only the most important ones; remember you are on a journey)

Often, you can recognise someone who is afraid of death by the number of possessions they own. Fear makes such people surround themselves with countless energy links in a subconscious hope that the sheer weight of those attachments would protect them and keep them alive somehow. If you notice yourself falling into this trap, train your mind to trust your inherent power and rely on the Light more. The more you rely on the wisdom and the support of the Force that has brought you to life, the calmer, freer and more confident your mind will become.

It is important that you don’t let go of things that you actually need or hold dear, for the sake of achieving some lofty ideals. If you deny yourself an object that your heart longs for, or let go of something that used to make you happy, you will trigger the feeling or resentment towards yourself and the choice you made. It is crucial to weigh your decisions carefully, so you are certain that you won’t regret the step you took, no matter the outcome. Don’t force yourself to get rid of things that bring you genuine joy.

As you mature, physically and spiritually, many objects that you used to treasure tend to naturally lose their appeal. For example, you may find an old toy in your storage that is of no importance to the grownup you. But if that same toy had been taken away from you at the age of ten, it could have left you frustrated for weeks. Let go of the things that matter no more, keep the ones that do.

With every new object you want to introduce into your life, ask yourself whether you will have the time and the resources to look after it, whether you would be able to give it proper care.

Make the way you treat your possessions and expression of your personal dignity.  Strive to own fewer objects, but of higher quality. This is important for four reasons:

  • You support the honest work and skill–and help the craftsmen continue to create and live their passion with your support
  • Items of a higher quality serve for longer, which means that you are saving money in the long run. Not only that, but you are also helping the planet you call home. Less demand means less production and less pollution of the environment–so you can live in a cleaner and healthier place
  • Most cheap items come from import which increases our carbon footprint, shopping closer to home will help keep the air cleaner–not only for yourself but for the entire planet
  • The low cost usually comes with a moral compromise. Many cheap items originate from the sweatshops in some poorer country, with low pay and tough living conditions. Even if you banish that thought from your conscious mind, your conscience will know exactly what you are doing–and feel bad about it

The awareness that by your actions, you are damaging your environment and supporting slave labour will cause a buildup of guilt, which can then be used to manipulate you in different ways. Someone who feels guilty about something, can too easily become a marionette in other people’s hands. You might have observed how readily the people who feel guilty follow orders. And you can’t escape from feeling guilty while doing something that you know if not morally correct.

On the other hand, doing the right things for the right reasons–supporting craftsmen, protecting the environment and owning less, encourages your self-respect and personal dignity. You can feel justifiably proud of your choices and live your life with integrity and a lighter heart.





[Cover photo by Mattia Faloretti]

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