Guidelines For Teachers And Disciples

As soon as you decide to change and to follow your own Path, there will be people from all directions pushing against you and trying to make sure that you follow the crowd. As a warrior, your first lesson is to learn to resist and withstand that pressure. You need to become an independent thinker, in control of yourself, if you want to live the life the way you are called to. To do that, you need to train and strengthen your mind.

Your current believes and actions will only get you more of what you already have. If you want to change the world you need to start from changing yourself first.

  • Remember that every moment either takes you closer to your Purpose or further away from it – distribute your time to people and tasks wisely
  • Lead by example – show the image of integrity, reliability, strength and humbleness both in your everyday private life and your social persona
  • Don’t be negligent, even in small things
  • Train your body and your mind to become a greater weapon of Light
  • Avoid expectation-driven actions (do what you feel right to do without thinking of a reward)
  • Keep your mind free from addictions

The closer you get to the ultimate expression of Self, the more power and fulfilment will light up your life. Sticking with what you know and being confined to a certain way of life imposed on you by others is a death sentence for your growth and a source of great pain.

You can turn your life around by recognising the direction you should be heading towards and finding the strength to defend your point of view.

The secret of mediocrity is to following what everyone else does and believing what everyone else believes.

The secret of unleashing your inner brilliance and personal power is to learn to see things for yourself.



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