Achieving Supreme Focus

To achieve anything in life that is worthwhile, you need a clear focus. Focusing on your goal is what allows you to become unstoppable and succeed against all odds.

Many people believe that focusing is hard, especially with so many distractions around. Although it is true that the more untrained the mind is the easier it is swayed and distracted, we should remember this truth – focusing is our second nature. The issue is, though, that this natural focus is rarely in alignment with our conscious course of action.

This happens because the majority never takes the effort to truly understand themselves and discover what they stand for. We are always focused on what truly matters to us. To see this principle in action, it is enough to observe someone immersed in an activity that they love. Try to distract a book lover from his reading, or a painter from his sketches, or a scientist from his research. It is the same as when you’re deeply in love with someone. You are simply not interested in looking elsewhere – and if you do, you should ask yourself what the honest reason behind it is.

Our focus always follows our core priorities. This is why it is possible for someone to stay focused for hours playing a video game if it satisfies his priorities of escaping from a world he feels he doesn’t fit in. Similarly, for someone who feels lonely and depressed, it’s easy to scroll for hours through social media feeds without being distracted.

Ultimately, it is not a good solution to uninstall apps from your phone or set up website blockers in order to keep yourself on track. Simply disabling notifications is enough to keep things organised. Resorting to blockers should be avoided because it sends a strong signal to your subconscious that you’re not in control and you can’t trust yourself. If this message keeps being transmitted loud and clear to your mind every day, eventually you may start losing control in other areas of your life, too. If you’re treating yourself like a child who can’t be trusted, before long that will become your reality.

Treat yourself with consideration. If you keep ‘getting distracted’ by your phone, texts or social media, respect yourself enough to sit with yourself and have an honest conversation. Find out the reason that drives that behaviour in the first place. It can be fear, loneliness, sadness, insecurity or any other inner shadow asking to be resolved. It is healthier to take steps to remedy the underlying problem than try to shun the symptoms.

Another reason why ‘distractions’ could steal up most of your time is when instead of following your truth Path you’re trying to live following someone else’s rules and expectations. Every time you do that part of your mind will rebel. Your life is uniquely yours, and you came here to express your truth.

Trying to fit yourself into a mould meant for someone else because it’s fashionable or others convinced you it would be a good idea with trigger inner resentment from your subconscious mind. Not knowing how to make you turn towards a new direction, it will sabotage your current one. This situation will trigger a state called ‘procrastination’. It is important to understand that not all procrastination is bad.

Getting distracted is a red flag that can reveal a powerful insight about yourself. It is a messenger bringing important news. Don’t try to shoot the messenger. Give it a chance to speak.

If you’re aligned with your passion and Purpose, the outer distractions will instantly lose their appeal. Once you have a clarity of what serves your mission and what doesn’t, you will have no difficulties going without checking your phone, saying no to boring parties invitations and focusing on what matters most. You won’t need to force yourself to focus when you do what reflects your highest priorities. The more you move towards living your truth, the more you will see your ability to focus strengthen and expand.

Learn to accept that fully focusing on few important things means that the other areas of your life will receive less energy and attention. Don’t try and balance everything – it would only dissipate your energy and make your life chaotic. For example, it is normal that if you dedicate your time to work and training, you will have less time for going out, watching films or having lunches and coffees with other people. You will naturally tend to prioritise meetings that will add value to your life rather than just being a drain on your energy. If, on the other hand, your priority is networking, you may discover that you made no time left for mundane tasks like shopping or washing your clothes. Plan ahead to organise your life accordingly and get assistance where you need it. Learn to follow your path and do what’s the best for you, humbly but unapologetically.

Focus requires a lot of energy, so it naturally diminishes as you get tired. Take care to keep the form that can fully support your actions. If you need a motivation boost, remind yourself at least 3 reasons why your work truly matters and that your time in this world is limited.


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