How to Know When to Speak

Inner power can be diminished through pointless conversations. You might have noticed that you tend to feel worn out when talking about things of no substance and no real meaning to you.

Avoid wasting his time on conversations that don’t educate or truly entertain you, and choose to listen more than to speak. This way, you learn while conserving your energy.

Before sharing some information with someone, ask yourself,

  1. Is this true?
  2. Is the other person going to benefit from knowing this?
  3. Should it be said now?
  4. Is it important to be said by me?
  5. Could this be used against me in the future?

Asking yourself these five simple questions will help you decide when to speak and what information to share.

Saying things that could potentially be used against you is inadvisable, unless you are surrounded with really trusted friends. The Shadow is always on a lookout for the ways of stopping you from serving your mission, so you should give it as few chances as possible.

Make both his words and his silence conscious and deliberate.



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