How To Remove Astral Entity Attachment: DIY

When dealing with negative astral influence, getting qualified help is usually the best idea. However, sometimes we can find ourselves in an emergency or any other situation when such assistance is not readily available.

Learning spiritual self-defence gives you confidence and peace of mind. It teaches you being self-sufficient and being able to stand for yourself if the situation calls for it. It’s a much more empowering place to be rather than constant dependency on someone else’s help.

Although the most powerful way to learn is to have a hand-on practise with a physical teacher, there are certain techniques that you can use even if you didn’t receive any previous training.

I have put together a few effective ‘first aid’ measures, which will help you to ease up the symptoms of overshadowing. If practised diligently, you stand a good chance of getting rid of the entity attachment altogether. Astral entities are sentient and they prefer ‘soft targets’ – people who don’t know how to stand for themselves and who are easy to frighten and manipulate. Making yourself into a ‘hard target’ means that you become a force to be reckoned with, which deters many astral attackers–just as it happens in the physical world.

When trying to get control over your mind, the first point of attack is always your sleep. This is because nothing weakens the person more than sleep deprivation, and entities are aware of that.

Your immediate goal is to get the upper hand: to drain the entity’s power while staying strong yourself. Usually, the entity will be baffled by the sudden counter-attack–which it doesn’t expect–and will tend to leave you in peace when you prove to be too difficult a target.

Here is how you can weaken the entity and force it away:

  • First of all, difficult as it may sometimes be in your current state, start from tidying up your room – get rid of all things you don’t need like some random old gadgets, old clothes and other clatter from around the corners and especially from under the bed. Make sure that your room is bright and clean.
  • Get some incense (those handmade in India, Nepal or Tibet are the best.) The best incenses to use are juniper, white sage and dragon’s blood, which are obnoxious to malefic (evil) spiritual forces. When the first incense burns out cleaning the space, you may want to follow it with frankincense, which attracts positive energies. AVOID MYRRTH as this incense helps spirits to manifest, so would work against you in this case. Every incense is a kind of a ‘telephone number’, which is answered accordingly. When burning incense, remember to state your intention clearly (“I want to get rid of the attaching negative energy” or something similar to that effect) and have your windows open, to help air and energy circulate.
  • Take a shower every evening before sleep, imagining that together with water you are showering yourself with white purifying light. During the shower, keep repeating a mantra or a prayer in your mind for relief and protection from the dark forces.
  • Get some holy water (water that has been blessed by a priest) and spray all rooms in your house, especially your bedroom and your bed. Do it regularly before going to sleep (you can add some consecrated salt into the water to maximise the effect.)
  • Try to play classical music and Gregorian plainchant as often as you can–these vibrations weaken entities.
  • Burn a candle in your room, close to the place you where spend most of your time
  • If you suffer from night terrors, a good thing would be to sleep with a small lamp; avoid sleeping in complete darkness
  • If you night terrors are rather bad, try smearing your feet with a bit of garlic–dark entities can’t stand sulphur, hence they are repelled by the smell of garlic (now you know where the old vampire stories about garlic originate from!)
  • One of the most effective ways to force an entity to leave you (especially at the initial stages of the attack) is to spend as much time as possible on the bridge over running water. If you spend your time there praying or meditating it gives an even better effect.
  • You must completely avoid alcohol, drugs and any other substances that can blurry your consciousness and make you lose control–the entity will get stronger with each such opportunity, so make sure it doesn’t get it.
  • Resist obsessional urges – remember they do not come from your own mind. When under attack, you may experience symptoms similar to schizophrenia or paranoia and a variety of anti-social urges, as well as guilt-inducing thoughts, desires and fantasies. You may find it difficult to keep your emotions under control or suddenly explode over trivial matters. Do your best to fight ‘black-outs’, when you temporarily lose control over yourself. Keep reinforcing your mind with the thought that you should (and can!) resist and repel that external influence.
  • If you meditate, do it with care–certain types of meditation may make your condition worse.
  • One of the worst things you can do is to adopt the ‘love and light’ approach when dealing with entities–it is absolutely ineffective. Dark entities do not respond to the ideas of love and compassion, as such concepts do not exist for them. Instead, keep imagining that you are hitting the attaching entity with something heavy, or shooting with a gun, cutting it with a laser and so on. Be determined to defend yourself and do not give them an inch!

Remember – nothing happens without a reason, not even psychic attack or possession. We may not like it, but sometimes such harsh experiences are the only way we can learn and transform our life.

Once you have understood the source of your problem, your position will become unshakable. You now have something tangible to deal with and you can prove yourself fighting a good battle! Be assured that you are stronger than the attacking entity, and stand a good chance of winning with it if you keep faith.

Just like with any other unhealthy condition, it tends to get worse if left untreated. Some entities create a parasitic relationship with their hosts, stealing their energy for months of years, and bringing down their quality of life. The more time they get, the stronger they implant themselves into the structures of the mind, this is why acting quickly is important.

If the symptoms persist or get worse, you are likely to be dealing with a larger entity that requires professional assistance to remove. Seek a reliable exorcism specialist in your area as soon as you can.

If you’re suspecting you may be attacked by an astral entity but you’re not sure, you can check your symptoms here.




[Cover photo by  Xuan Nguyen]

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  2. I’ve Been dealing with astral paracite for years, and it has caused me much, pain & exxustion.

    Any dealing with this probloum know, your strong and teach them your a force to be reckoned with. if they oppose your soviernty they’le deal with the consequences to, l Good luck.

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