Never Flirt with the Shadow

In recent times, it has become fashionable to openly show one’s affinity with the darkness. The emphasis on ugliness and decay is encouraged as ‘trendy’ or ‘cool’. Most people never pause to think who is spreading those trends and for what purpose. Following the principle of mindful choices and actions, you should always be aware of what you are doing and why. Presenting yourself a certain way and identifying with certain forces has a profound impact on your life for three main reasons.

Your conscious mind may be tricked into believing that styling yourself as a demon or a vampire is sexy or amusing, and has no consequences since it’s ‘only for fun’. However, your subconscious mind doesn’t understand the difference between reality and play. It takes everything at face value. That means that feeding it the images of darkness inevitably shapes its compass to point in that direction. This process is gradual and very hard to notice in yourself, but you can observe it more easily in others. A mask, once put on for fun, tends to grow in over time, eventually becoming one with the face. In other words, your inner stricture slowly reorganises to actually become what you once pretended to be. It doesn’t mean that you would physically transform into a dark entity, but it does mean that your mind will start functioning in self-destructive ways.

This is connected to the second truth: what you surround yourself with becomes part of you. Music, images, ideas, people—whatever you continually expose yourself to shapes the way you feel, think, and operate. This is why, for your wellbeing and personal development, it is crucially important that you decide on those elements mindfully and deliberately. Treat your personal space as a piece of art in the making, where every element is called to serve a bigger whole.

Every time you find your mind wander aimlessly or your emotions sway towards things that don’t matter, reclaim your control by consciously turning your thoughts and feelings towards the Light. With practice, it will soon become a natural habit, rewarding you with increased strength, confidence, and inner peace. It will bring you much-needed comfort and calmness, especially during trying times.

The third reason has to do with the way the Shadow operates. You must realise that the Shadow is not an abstract philosophical concept but an actual force. Demons and negative entities are real, whether or not you can perceive them at your current stage of training.

Some people like flirting with the idea of being seen as ‘Devil’s spawn’ and expressing it through the way they dress, the music and other content they consume, and by scaring themselves with tattoos. Some take it even further, creating improvised altars at home and practising mock magic rituals.

Such actions, seen as a harmless fashion statement from the human perspective, are received very differently in the spiritual world. The Shadow doesn’t understand flirting. If by your thoughts and actions you’re evoking its presence, it will answer the call. Don’t fool yourself thinking that you can bargain with it or use for your own purposes the forces that you can neither control nor fully understand.

Sometimes, the Shadow will grant material rewards or minor spiritual powers to its servants-to-be to get their commitment and pull them in deeper. Those bonuses always come at the cost of total enslavement later. No matter what temporary benefits you may enjoy, the end destination of that journey is always suffering.

The Shadow is interested in making people believe that practising dark rituals for ‘good purposes’ is fine and that there is, in fact, no difference between black or white magic because that division is only a matter of personal choice. This is not true.

The rituals acquire their potency through repetition and the energy accumulated in them over the years or centuries of use. That energy can be positive, negative, or mixed. By practising certain rituals and accessing certain powers, you become a channel for those forces to manifest through you. No matter what your original intention might have been, the energy that you regularly send out will shape your inner structure and dominate your mind. You surely can think of examples of people who set out with the desire to transform themselves and help others, only to turn from being the bright-eyed champions of the world to being cynical machines that leave destruction in their wake. (This is not a poetic exaggeration. To get a clearer understanding of how it works, you may want to revisit the Defilement of Spirit section.)

Once you get involved in such a process, it’s nearly impossible to realise what is really happening and when you approach the point of no return. This is why the surest way to keep yourself safe is by simply staying clear of the danger in the first place. Do not use rituals and symbols the provenance of which you can’t be sure.

Make a decision to stay away from the Shadow at all times. Avoid references to death and decay both in your clothing and your environment. Do not try dark magic or Ouija boards ‘for fun’–the Shadow will not see it that way. Warn others when you can.

Some people turn towards the Shadow and openly display their affection for it because, deep down, they feel that they do not deserve the brilliance and power that comes from living in the Light. Their hidden fear is that they would be rejected if they tried and that there is no point in even trying. Their ego, in an attempt to keep them small, pushes them towards the darkness where their feelings of guilt or unworthiness can be matched. Careful self-examination and mindfulness can stop you from falling into that trap.

Because we belong and thrive in the Light, stepping (or being tricked to fall) into darkness usually causes severe bouts of depression at first. That condition may last for years until the person has changed his course or until the transition is fully complete.

Many people feel a natural inner resistance to taking antidepressants—even though they may not be able to explain the conscious reason behind it. The reason is this. We can subconsciously sense that by numbing ourselves, we willingly give away our freedom and control. Not only may we become dependent on the drugs to function, but also, not feeling pain would mean that we won’t have the motivation nor the energy to change our course. In effect, we may be wading deeper and deeper into our own personal hell without realising it. You may now understand why depression is being currently positioned as a natural condition to be in, and people are encouraged to accept it and take medication to keep them where they are. Use your own judgement before deciding what it best for you.

Although being affected by depression is a harsh experience, the most empowering move is to start taking action straight away, without waiting for the condition to become debilitating. Feeling depressed means that your soul is deeply pained by your current course and begs you to reconsider it.

Turn your thoughts towards the Light for protection and guidance, and sit with yourself to uncover what decisions (or the lack of them) your soul disagrees with, and what you should do to put your life back on track.

It is unquestionably easier to numb yourself than to come face to face with the wrong choices and beliefs that might have been there for most of your life. Mustering the courage to confront those shackles and to shake them off is a warrior path; not everyone is strong enough to do that without training and guidance. Help those whom you can help.

Lastly, if you’re wondering why your personal development or defilement should matter and why you shouldn’t be left to be devoured by darkness if you choose to, consider this.

Everything that exists in this world is interconnected. You are linked to other people and places by invisible energy links that permeate existence. Your choices, thoughts, and feelings reverberate through space and time, changing the energy balance on this planet and beyond. You actively contribute to the energy balance and direction of mankind.

By becoming a channel for darkness, you allow it to spread through you into the world and onto others. Turning away from your true nature and abandoning your soul mission not only has the potential to ruin your own life, but it also brings suffering and defilement to society at large. With every new servant, it becomes easier for the Shadow to manifest and operate here, causing more suffering and destruction.

You must see it as your personal responsibility to resist the darkness at every turn and to curb its spread. This is your duty both towards your homeworld and other beings it with you as well as the future generations. Remember, what you do in life echoes in eternity.