Guided Meditation For Inner Power: AKARI


This meditation is truly unique. Its empowering and mind purifying effect is truly incredible, and it is a great instrument for awakening to your real essence. If you only practise one meditation per day, make it this one. Witness your level of personal power, clarity, groundedness and inner peace noticeably increase in a matter of days.


‘Akari’ is a Japanese word for ‘light’. Immersing yourself in the awareness of your true essence will awaken your true power. This meditation is for everyone who is on the quest to serve the world greatly.

There is nothing else like this meditation out there. Try it for yourself and feel the difference it can make in the way you feel and function everyday.

I recommend practicing first thing in the morning, and at midday. The meditation can also be repeated several times during the day, if you want to see the results faster.

It is better to avoid late evening hours because you may become too energised to fall asleep easily afterwards.

How to practise


  1. Prepare yourself in the usual way, adopting your customary meditation pose while keeping your spine straight
  2. Relax your muscles and slow down your breathing


  1. Keep your focus on the source of the light (on the right of the screen). It’s fine to let it occasionally follow the stream of the light – just remember to always bring it back after a while.
  2. Visualise yourself surrounded by and immersed in light, with every breath absorbing its energy into yourself
  3. Four statements will appear on the screen in sequential order. Feel the truth of those statements and allow it to saturate your whole being, while inhaling and exhaling 3 slow breaths.
  4. Keep focusing on the last statement until the end of the meditation.
  5. Return in the usual way, bringing your attention back to your body and to the place where you are. Move your fingers and your toes and finish with a stretch to realign yourself fully.

This is a digital product. You will be able to download it instantly after purchase.This is a digital product. You will be able to download it instantly after purchase.