The Warrior’s Quest for Knowledge

The warrior is an incessant learner. He never stops his efforts to discover more, nor rests in vain complacency.

He trains his mind to notice and analyse even the casual details that to other people tend to overlook. The warrior knows, however, that the world operates on the principle of patterns that transpire through its all elements, big or small. Learning about those patterns allows him to not only understand reality and other people on a deeper level, but often foresee what is to come.

The warrior takes care to never let his mind slip into the torpid sluggishness of self-contentment. It inevitably swallows those who busy themselves with distractions, without taking a genuine interest in the world.

For a warrior, even a single breath or drop of rain can be a fascinating mystery. He observes the phenomena around him with the curiosity of a child, while maintaining the clarity and equanimity and of a sage.

He questions what he knows and tests his truths over and over, to make sure that they serve him on his Path. If he discovers that a concept he believed is outdated or mistaken, the warrior adjusts his thinking without hesitation. He knows that concepts and beliefs are but tools for the mind, and so he chooses them in accordance with his needs and never lets them bind him.

Only the mindset of an eternal scholar allows you to keep your cognition sharp and your power flowing. Keep learning for as long as you’re alive. Never allow yourself to get seduced into thinking that you’ve seen and understood it all. Those who fall into that trap and lose curiosity in our world, see inner decay and degradation follow.

The warrior is willing to look into all things new to him, but he focuses on mastering those which help him on his Path. Out of these, three disciplines are the most important – Developing the Strength of the Spirit, Developing the Strength of the Mind and Developing the Strength of the Body.

  • The Strength of the Spirit is found through growing your inner Light and connecting with your higher essence through self-enquiry and meditation.
  • The Strength of the Mind is achieved by discovering new mind training techniques, mastering your focus and reaffirming the connection with your philosophy and inner code.
  • The Strength of the Body is unlocked through practicing the right type of stretches and exercise, breathing techniques, a mindful diet and martial arts.


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