Spiritual Trials: The Trial of Fire

When you want to succeed in your mission, it helps to know the terrain you’re moving through. The knowledge of the Three Spiritual Trials will help you assess what level of personal evolution you are currently on, as well as what lies ahead. It gives you clarity, confidence and allows you to measure your progress. Every Trial has its challenges and its rewards.

We don’t always to through all three Trials in one lifetime, but it’s a good idea to work towards completing as many as possible. You may be born with the first, or even the first two Trials already passed, which is a sign of an older soul. All people who come in this world have to go through the third Trial, though.

#1 The Trial of Fire

This level is somewhat similar to the Selection process in the Special Forces.

To many people, the Trial of Fire feels like going through hell. It forces you to face physical hardships and pushes you to your limits. You may find your safety compromised and your health at risk; struggle to make ends meet; be exposed to extreme conditions, abuse, poverty, and violence.

While this sounds brutal and it often is, this Trial has a very important purpose: it awakens you to your power. It makes your fearless, impregnable and unstoppable. It shows you how to ignite the fire within—to transmute your anger and pain into the grim unshakable determination to push through. As the saying goes, ‘a calm sea has never made a skilled sailor’. You realise how strong you are only when being strong is the only thing you can do. By being brought to your lowest point, you realise that you’re stronger than whatever life throws at you. You can and will change things around. As soon as you make this decision and start moving forward, the Trial of Fire is over and you’ve passed. Your life circumstances and the way you see the world will start to change reflecting your new understanding and your growing strength.

The mistake to avoid during this Trial is becoming bitter, fearful or resentful. If you look with envy and spite at others who have already passed and whose lives are more comfortable than yours, you fail. If you let your fear dictate your steps, you fail. The goal of this Trial is to help you connect with the power within, and you can’t connect with it while being resentful of the achievements of others. The universe is in no hurry, so you may find yourself trapped on this level for many lifetimes until you reconsider your approach.

Look at those who have already passed as your inspiration and your brothers and sisters on this quest. Being at the beginning of your journey doesn’t mean that you’re ‘less worthy’ or your gift to the world is less important. Quite the opposite. The power that you carry dormant inside you is what the world desperately needs. Don’t let your ego label you with a ‘lower rank’. Think of yourself as a member of the spiritual Special Forces—it’s not your rank that matters but the quality of your service and your contribution.

The Trial of Fire creates perfect conditions for you to break free from the confines of your old ego and discover humbleness, which is a gateway to true power. See your hardships as a furnace burning away all the weaknesses and impurities, leaving only what it truly yours. Your conditions are always tailor-made to match exactly what your soul needs.

The Trial of Fire is not a punishment. Just like participation in the Selection is voluntary and those who apply put themselves through it for a higher goal, your soul chooses to go through the Trial of Fire if it feels it would be the most efficient way to awaken you to who you are called to be. If your ego has grown too solid and stagnant, it may take extreme conditions to loosen its grip. It helps to develop a level of appreciation towards harsh teachers on your quest.

This Trial has no set timeframe. You are the one who decides how long it is going to last. The more you reconnect with the Light within, allow it to flow through you and start seeing this Trial for what it really is, the sooner it will be over. Your main challenge is to face your fear, step into the unknown and let yourself evolve into a new version of self that you’ve never known before.


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