The Five Fundamentals of Ariya Creed

The Five Fundamentals are the core principles or virtues you will need on your quest. These qualities are mindfulness, courage, charity, prudence, and discipline.

Mindfulness you will learn through practice, courage and discipline will arise from your passion to serve, while prudence and charity will grow in connection with your Light within.

Cultivating mindfulness means that not only do you learn about yourself and your shadows (so nobody can use them against you), but you also train your situational awareness of a warrior. You become conscious of what it is you’re truly doing and why, meaning that you take your mind off autopilot and become resistant to negative mental influences. You stop wasting your time on things that don’t deserve it and become unstoppable in achieving your goals.

Courage is the ability to act in spite of fear. It gives you the strength to act and to speak up when needed, and to do the right thing even though the situation may seem overwhelming or unsafe. Courage connects you with your true core, your fearless and immortal self. Practising it brings you closer to the person you were called to be and allows you to win against many odds. It is important not to mistake this quality for recklessness or bravado, which are in essence just a distorted expression of fear. Courage must be paired with prudence— sound judgement and the voice of reason.

Prudence means shrewdness or sagacity when dealing with everyday matters, the ability to govern yourself through discipline and reason, as well as good judgement and skill in the use of resources. Its foundation is the practice of mindfulness. In simple terms, it means accessing the situation to the best of your ability and striving to take the right action at the right time.

Charity is the willingness to share your strength and your Light with others; to lift, inspire and protect those who can’t stand up for themselves. It includes the qualities of kindness, forgiveness and compassion. The kindness of a warrior is not meekness, though. It doesn’t mean the inability to be strict and decisive when the situation calls for it. The warrior understands that there are times when resorting to tough measures is the best thing he can do. He recognises that delivering that lesson would be of a great benefit to those involved. Charity, just like courage, should be paired with discernment to work well.

Discipline is an outward expression of your commitment to following your Path and serving the world greatly. You will find suggestions on how to grow and strengthen it on the pages that follow.