The Power of Commitment

We live in a society of dabblers. People, who scarcely ‘dip a toe’ into the various activities that the world tempts them with. They put in minimal effort and expect the results to show quickly. When that doesn’t happen, they lose interest and move on to a new undertaking, project, or relationship.

Putting your heart and soul into one thing and focusing on it relentlessly is considered unpopular and ‘old-fashioned’. No wonder so few people ever achieve mastery or greatness. Meanwhile, history teaches us again and again about the power of dedication. Johann Sebastian Bach, Florence Nightingale, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Jean-François Champollion and Marie Skłodowska Curie are the examples of those who understood that principle and embodied it in their lives.

No real power or a profound transformation has ever come from dabbling. Choosing to become dedicated to one purpose or idea can be a frightening step to take, but only through overcoming your fear will you be able to achieve fulfilment and liberation. Defining clearly what you stand for will give you clarity, drive, focus and the peace of mind you’ve never known before. It will streamline and simplify your life while offering you a simple and unfillable blueprint for making the right decisions.

Dedicating yourself to personal mastery and fully embracing the warrior path will help you naturally avoid many traps and distractions that other people become victims of. You will realise that the struggle with discipline and willpower is a myth created by those who are scared to become committed. Once you make a conscious commitment to live according to your highest values, your whole life lights up.

Imagine a person whose life’s passion is to become a top athlete, a top author or a successful entrepreneur. His undivided focus and commitment to his goal will mean that he will take no interest in procrastinating, watching TV or spending time with people who don’t support him with his dream. He will instead go and train, learn or practice his skill every opportunity he gets. As a result, he will excel. He will not only reach his goal but go beyond. Whatever path you want to take to serve this world greatly, commitment will increase your power of will and focus exponentially.

This new clarity will allow you to:

  • Realise what kind of people you should invite into your life and who to stay away from
  • Align your actions and choices with your true priorities and achieve inner peace
  • Save years of your life by freeing yourself from mindless distractions
  • Become unbreakable  and keep moving forward even when you feel low or are going through dark times
  • Hugely speed up your personal growth and unlock your true power

A strong commitment to your truth will guide your efforts not only with your work but also help you relax in the right way. The warrior knows that both his body and his mind need rest from time to time, so he can act with maximum efficiency. Best relaxation types are peaceful sleep, meditation, creative activity and walks in nature.

Contrary to popular human thinking, activities such as watching TV or browsing online are not soothing at all. They cause your mind to be unnecessarily bombarded with random information and noise. Having to choose what picture to click on and what article to read drains your focus and willpower even further. And if you scan your body, you’re likely to find it tense and far from being rested.

Another mental trap that clouds people’s vision is the instilled restlessness known as the fear of missing out. It tricks the mind into an endless chase of ‘bigger, shinier things’ while forgetting that the grass is greener not on the other side but where we water it.

The constant pursuit of new directions promotes exhaustion and the feeling of emptiness. A person who has not developed a defined idea of what he stands for is easy to influence and put off track. As an old proverb goes, ‘if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything’.

Know The Difference

I want to keep this clear – we are not talking about learning new skills and exploring new activities but about having set your main direction, your default operation mode.

It is important to draw a distinction between your modus operandi, your anchor for integrity and truth, and things that you do to express that truth in the world. Occasionally, it can happen that under the weight of social conditioning and dogma, a person can forget what he is drawn towards in terms of self-expression.

It is fine to try out different fields, especially in your younger years, to find what resonates with you most–but you must stay focused on your true reason for exploring if you want to succeed. You must realise that by doing something you don’t resonate with, you are stealing time, both yours and that of others when you could be manifesting your true potential and make a difference in other people’s lives.

You don’t need to know your ultimate avenue of self-expression to be able to consciously choose your Path and commit to it. Your Path encompasses your core philosophy, your moral code, the Higher Force that you serve, as well as the unshakable resolve to share your unique gift with others.

Many people struggle to discover their deep Purpose in life – this is because they are not fully dedicated to mastering themselves. To find your mission you must grow into the person who could fulfil that mission. Your Purpose belongs to the domain of your higher essence, and to approach it you have to train and purify your mind.

Anything in life you want to succeed in, you have to be committed to. A true and heartfelt devotion can help you achieve things that seem impossible to others. All transformation starts with dedication. There is a long forgotten secret – the moment you make a sincere and conscious decision to dedicate yourself to serving the Light, you will be given the Light’s power to do your work. The power of Creation will shine and manifest through you. Your connection with your higher essence will become stronger and you will start instinctively following the path to your true Purpose.

What’s more, you will no longer have to fight a lonely fight. You will become supported by the entire Ariya egregore – the generations of the noble warriors that came before us, as well as those who share this world with you. You will become enlightened, empowered and protected. Many sages throughout the history of mankind spoke about this.

Making The Commitment

To begin your journey as an Ariya warrior, you have to declare firmly in your heart that from now on you commit yourself fully to the journey of spiritual warriorship. You vow to master yourself in any way possible and to live according to your inner code of honour. You leave behind the story of old ‘you’ as a mundane being, and enter a new chapter of your life–a chapter of greatness and fulfilment.

To mark your decision, you may perform a simple ceremony for yourself. First, choose a quiet time. Keep your spirit earnest and solemn, and mentally or verbally declare your unshakable decision to begin your quest. You can perform it looking at a burning candle, or up into the sky. Quieten your mind and allow yourself to feel at peace as your vow has been heard by Light and accepted. Know that from this moment onwards, your life will change. You only make this vow once.

You may choose to wear a small reminder of your commitment, a secret sign to yourself. It can be a pendant, a ring or a bracelet, or any other unassuming object that is meaningful to you.


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