The Rules That Set Your Free

“To try to obtain freedom without being aware of the rules means nothing.”
– Shunryu Suzuki

People have long seemed to forget the true purpose of having rules. An apparent freedom to do anything at all only means confusion and a lack of direction. We need rules to help us navigate through our lives. Meaningful and honest rules are not a limitation but rather like stepping-stones over a fierce river. Step into the water, and you will be taken away, helplessly tumbling, with the current. But place your foot on the solid stone and you remain safe, free to cross in any direction that you want.

Your life is just like that. Having a code of honour raises you above the storming ocean of human passions, which otherwise could lead you astray from your Path. Knowing the rules helps you remain unaffected by the turmoil of emotions, instead of being swept by them. The code is warrior’s secret strength that allows him to retain his clarity, equanimity, sense of direction, and inner peace. Aim for the one that is simple and just, and helps you become stronger.

A true warrior makes respect for the honest rules his everyday practice.

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