The Sevenfold Path

The Sevenfold Path is the moral compass of the Ariya Warrior, a reminder of the values that he strives to cultivate to transform into a greater version of himself.

It helps the warrior navigate through life and make empowered decisions that are in tune with his core values and goals.

The Sevenfold Path comprises of 7 simple but powerful precepts:

1. Integrity

Integrity is doing what’s right even when nobody is watching, even if nobody except you is ever going to find out what choice you made. Integrity comes from knowing what you stand for and living that truth, consistently and unapologetically.

Ultimately, integrity always pays off, even if making the harder choice seems disadvantageous at the time. There is nothing in this world worth sacrificing your integrity for. Any fleeting benefits you may be getting in return are never going to be worth the price of becoming less and compromising who you are.

2. Loyalty

Loyalty is a crucial part of your personal integrity as a warrior.

It is the commitment to stay true to one’s word, spoken or unspoken. It symbolises your unwavering dedication to your Path, your comrades and your teachers.

You are loyal when you come to support your friend in the time of need, and when you refuse to speak badly of him behind his back.

The strength, effectiveness and often even the very survival of your circle depends on the loyalty of its members. Treat your fellow warriors in the spirit of brotherhood and comradeship; always put your bond with them above any temporary benefit, no matter what the temptation may be. Loyalty to your tribe is an investment that pays the greatest rewards over time.

3. Discipline

Discipline is the ability to follow the path of the right thoughts, right words and right actions, choosing what matters most over what you want at this moment. It is the force that fuels your progress through all the doubts and shadows when your heart feels low.

Your passion to serve the world greatly is the foundation on which your discipline is based. It’s not something that needs to be forced because it comes from being connected with your Purpose.

If you need external motivation and accountability, it’s usually a sign that you haven’t found your true mission yet. The clearer is your vision and your sense of Purpose, the more organised and driven you will naturally become.

4. Respect

The closer you will get to realising your true divine essence, the more respectful you will become towards your own being and other people who share this world with you.

Cultivating reverence and respect towards all creations of the Light ennobles the soul.

You owe your sincere respect to those who support you on your path, to your teachers and your comrades. Remember that it was their presence, care, and help that allowed you to become who you are today. It’s a debt of gratitude you can never hope to repay fully but you should always strive to do as much as you can.

On the other hand, the warrior appreciates and supports those who look up to him. The level of respect you give to those who found themselves in your service or under your guidance is a sign of your spiritual maturity.

This also means that although the warrior is at peace with the fact that people have different views, he accepts no disrespect. If he realises that someone doesn’t value his presence and his time, he starts no fights but simply turns away.

If someone is unable to see the gift you bring, it is impossible and pointless to try and change that person’s mind. You’d only denigrate yourself and gain nothing. Move away from any person who brings you down and focus your attention on your tribe, on people who see your presence as a blessing.

Avoid serving and helping those who disrespect you because any effort from your side would only make their contempt greater and promote the darkness in them. Your duty is not to contribute to the moral corruption of others.

Being in the company of people who show you no respect also has another damaging side effect. Every single instance of such behaviour makes you internally weaker by eroding your personal dignity and self-respect. For the sake of your mission and those who need you, you must not allow that to happen. Make it your unbreakable law that you never tolerate disrespect from anyone.

The warrior doesn’t beg for attention or appreciation. The fact that he deserves them is unquestionable and never needs to be stated.

5. Self-mastery

Self-mastery is the path of conscious personal evolution. It is a tough quest, which requires passion, relentlessness and single-mindedness to succeed. It delivers the greatest reward, however. Its goal is to become a more aware, wiser and stronger version of yourself capable of being a true force for change in the world.

It is the path of selflessness and compassion, fuelled by the desire to put yourself through challenges and hard training for the benefit of other beings, and not only your own.

By connecting with your essence and becoming a fuller expression of your divine nature, you inspire others and lead the way for them to grow. Self-mastery is the path towards discovering the deeper meaning in life and aligning with your true Purpose.

6.  Purpose

It is his Mission that gives the warrior his focus, determination and mental strength that allow him to keep going and succeed against all odds.

Your Purpose is an extension of who you are, your natural gifts, inclinations, and abilities. You can see it as the ultimate expression of the Self, the ultimate unfoldment of your inner Truth. The more you discover and embrace who you are, the clearer your understanding of your mission will become.

The passion to fulfil your Purpose in this world is what fuels your passion for self-mastery and service. Always keep your mission at the forefront of your mind. If times get tough, remind yourself why you are doing your work and why it matters. Listen to the voice of your heart and allow your Quest for Purpose to become the ever-burning flame within. That flame will fortify your spirit, awaken your abilities and inspire you for greatness.

7. Unity with the Light

Your connection with the Light, the greater Truth outside yourself is what gives you the authentic presence of the warrior.

The authentic presence is always genuine and calm and yet commanding and powerful. People are wired to naturally look up to those with the authentic warrior presence, to respect them and see them as leaders.

Many people crave this presence and try to emulate it with various tricks, but the authentic presence of the warrior can’t be faked.

That presence is only achievable through lessening the grip of the ego and becoming a conscious vessel of the higher power, a weapon of the Light. By doing so, you speed up your personal evolution, gain added strength, protection and clarity on your Path.




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  1. Clarity, my determination, unity will be be withthe light. My integrity and honesty unquestionable. My discipline is there.I will be at peace, This training will aid me in battling the architecture and Demons in this world. Like Netari.I will evolve, be it fast or slower through books that is to be determined by the gods themselves, and manifesting.

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