The Warrior’s Way of Seeing the Physical World

We live in the physical world and so we must make reasonable efforts to ensure that we can live here happily and comfortably. It has been proven that to achieve that we need to reach the level that satisfy our real needs – anything beyond that doesn’t add to the score. The warrior must decide for himself how much is enough for him to live his life in peace and dignity, and resolutely refuse to allow greed to control his mind. Being content with having just what you need to succeed on your mission frees up your time and energy to pursue things that really matter. Such attitude also promotes inner peace by making you invulnerable to social indoctrination.

Use mindfulness to determine which needs and wants are truly yours and which ones you picked up from others. When considering buying a new item, ask yourself first whether having it will be genuinely beneficial for you and also whether you can justify the time spent looking after it. In other words, the first question to ask yourself is whether having this new object is really necessary and/or whether it will add joy and inspiration to your life. Maybe you can use something that you already have? Try to reuse as much as possible, to honour the objects that you have made part of your journey. Be a responsible keeper and look after them well – cleaning, oiling, dusting, repairing, refilling or emptying them when necessary. This is why your second question should be whether you are willing to do those actions and whether the object brings enough value for those efforts to be justified.

There is no reason to deny yourself possessions that give you a sense of inner support and comfort. If you force yourself to go without things that you really feel you need, it would only serve to promote self-pity and the mindset or a victim or a martyr. This would inevitably block the flow of your inner Light leaving you feel low and disempowered.

 It’s worth remembering though that on the energy level you’re connected with a link to every object you own, and so a large number of such links can be very draining. Keep only those possessions that you treasure, need and use often. Let everything else, like unworn clothes and unwanted household items, go to those who may need them more, and you’ll feel how you instantly feel stronger and lighter. The atmosphere in your house will instantly improve, too.

The current social tendency to over-emphasise the need for material possessions and tying people’s values to how much their own and consume is a mental manipulation trick. Here is how it works – if you make someone believe that they need a certain amount of money (or own a certain object) to be ‘worthy’ and respected, then that person will experience intense inner pain all the while the required amount isn’t reached. It is a natural human tendency to want to relieve pain, and so the person affected will eagerly accept and follow directions set by society without questioning, if society says that is what would help them.

As you can imagine those orders are not designed to support the individual but rather to keep the existing order in place. Once and if the desired financial status is reached, inner pain intensifies. This happens because everything we do in this life comes with what is called ‘the opportunity cost’. In other words, by choosing one path, we must reject others. By focusing on one activity, we miss out on other things we could be doing. This is a natural process and there is nothing wrong with it, for as long as our choices and sacrifices are deliberate and bring a sense of fulfilment.

The problem appears when we lack awareness and start exchanging our life for the goals and choices that are not aligned with our true nature and Purpose. If we accept the common paradigm, we become mental slaves to the current system. You enter a game that is played by someone else’s rules and is not rigged in your favour.

To be seduced by the constant chase of money and possessions ultimately means that all your energy and attention will have to be focused on those. Even if you succeed, the cost of opportunity will be to turn away from your inner essence and get trapped on the level of the material world. Since we are not merely physical beings, such a life in self-denial leads to intense emotional suffering. Eventually, that pain makes people realise that the cost they have paid for the attainment of social goals was too high. This is why you can observe that depression and suicidal thoughts are a widespread phenomenon amongst the wealthy and famous.   

Although money does give you power on the mundane plane, this is a poor and bleak substitute for the true inner power that is dormant within you. It is the quest for awakening that inner power that makes people follow recklessly any directive that promises to get them there. You must remember though that no substitute in the physical world, no matter how shiny, can ever fill the emptiness inside born out of being disconnected from the Light of your true essence.

To amass a vast fortune also means that you will inevitably come up on the radar or the forces beyond human comprehension – the forces of good and evil that are in constant war. You will be made to join that battle as an active participant, whether you want or not. This is a tough trial and one that is incredibly tough to pass. The forces of the Shadow are currently strong in our world and they have uncounted resources to obtain compliance. As you might have observed, many people in power have failed that test. In the majority of cases, this was not because those people were evil by nature, but simply because they stepped onto the battlefield unprepared. Anyone in a similar position is likely to share their fate.

To cross the threshold (to be able to withstand the temptations and use one’s wealth for the benefit of the world) one needs awakened awareness and clear perception. The ability to see things for what they really are is what can help to avoid the snares of the Shadow. It is inadvisable to approach that threshold without fully aligning with your true essence first, least from one of those who came to build up this world you may turn into one of those who are destroying it. Because of the current conditions, it’s nearly impossible to revoke the choice of the Downward Path once made, and the commitment to the Upward Path demands constant defending so that you don’t slip down. Wealth and influence magnify both your temptations and your responsibility.

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