Use Mindfulness To Tune Your Mind For Greatness

It is advisable to perform the mind’s check-up and cleansing at the end and the beginning of every day. Doing it regularly will allow you to develop strength and clarity, keep yourself on track, and prevent negative energies collecting in your mind and body.

The way to do it is through a special form of meditation and prayer. These are sister practices, two paths to the same goal, reflecting the Yin and Yang principles. Meditation, a Yin exercise, is largely based on inner stillness, contemplation and receptivity. It can be compared to reading or listening. Its foundation lies in recognising what is already there.

Prayer, a Yang practice more widespread in the West, is about reaching out and connecting to the divine in an active way by sending a request or a question. Prayer can be compared to speaking.

Neither of these approaches is superior to the other. The practitioner makes his choice based on personal preference. The combination of both brings balance and the best results.

Evening meditation:

Lying on your back, mindfully scan your body releasing all the tensions accumulated during the day. Notice your breathing and make it slightly deeper and calmer than usual, without straining yourself. Make your exhale a little longer than your inhale while visualising that all the worries, stresses and frustrations are leaving your body with the exhaled air and dissipate into golden dust.

Evening prayer:

Turn your thoughts to the Light sincerely thanking for all the strength, insight, good fortune and other blessings that you have experienced today or ordinarily have. Ask for a peaceful sleep and body and mind regeneration. While making your request, imagine the ideal state as you want it to look and feel like. See and feel young, healthy, wise and strong. Keep that image in your mind until drifting to sleep.

You can use an Ariya formula or construct your own reflecting your specific needs.

In the morning, it’s best to leave your bed immediately after waking up. A decisive attitude towards physical awakening promotes readiness for the spiritual awakening of the soul. If you stay in bed after you wake up, you also risk falling asleep again for a short time, which will result in grogginess, mind fog and low energy levels during the day. This, in turn, would trigger inner frustration for being slower and not as effective as you could be in your daily tasks. Train yourself into the habit of getting out of bed immediately.

Morning meditation:

Practise the Tejas technique while sitting or standing. Finish with the Revitalising Breath.

Morning prayer:

Turn your thoughts to the Light and ask for support, strength and insight to succeed on your mission. Request that you shall be guided to the greatest choices and opportunities. Vow to do your best to live this new day to its full capacity, so that you can be proud of the work you’ve done.

Your request shouldn’t be shy or timid–remember that you are a rightful heir to the Force that flows through you. You are not begging for its favour but respectfully directing it with your Will. That power is your birthright. Cultivate calm certainty that according to your Will, it shall be done.





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