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Start your journey of conscious spiritual evolution towards clarity, inner peace and personal power. Become the man you always wanted to be. Transform your own life and serve the world greatly.

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Why ARIYA Warrior Training?

“To become who you are called to be, you need to learn a different paradigm of thinking and a new model of reality.”

'Ariya' is a Sanskrit word for a warrior in spirit; someone who is walking the path of self-mastery and personal growth while inspiring others.

Ariya Warrior Training allows you to radically upgrade your mind so you can evolve into a person you are called to be, unlock you true personal power, confidence and masculinity, and lead the way for others. If you're looking for inner strength, clarity, focus and flow, this training is for you. It will help you configure your mind in the most efficient way to adopt and thrive in the new times.

ARIYA Warrior Training a proven step-by-step process of personal transformation and getting clarity about the world and yourself. This training will give you a solid and powerful framework to guide you to the best decisions and accelerate your personal evolution.

It will also allow you to master the less known powers of the mind such as energy scanning, astral self-defense, energy power workouts, healing, and Extended Perception.

Transform into a more elite and powerful version of yourself and align with your Purpose to serve the world greatly.


Who We Are

ARIYA Warrior Training is a brainchild of Jay H. Tepley - teacher, author, international speaker, and the Founder-Acarya of ARIYA Creed – a transformational warrior philosophy for modern times. Jay is a Western meditation and advanced personal evolution teacher with nearly 20 years of experience.


What We Do

Combining the latest research from neuroscience and quantum physics with the spiritual traditions ancient masters, we teach you how to rewire your mind to transform you into a true force for change, 'a real-life superhero'.
The goal of our training is spiritual awakening and the profound inner transformation of the mind and the body.


Who We Serve

We help the visionaries and warriors in spirit, 'men on a mission' who feel they meant for something more. We are here for those who want to uncover their true Calling, step into their personal power to experience their lives fully, and leave a legacy to benefit the world.

What others say


Travis Atwater

CEO of the Healed Warrior Consulting

“To say that I have undergone a massive transformation of myself in the past few weeks would be the understatement of the decade! A huge shift in terms of energy, I noticed how much more masculine I’s awesome! I used to struggle to feel “man enough”, but as I come back into alignment I love how much more I feel like my actual self.
Thank you for doing this work, I am really looking forward to my warrior path!”


Marcus Oakey

Former CEO of Your Charisma Coach
“Jay is the best teacher I have ever met. It’s hard to write words that do justice to her vision, voice and impact on people’s lives. Her knowledge is beyond anything I’ve ever come across. I met her in the darkest time in my life, when I was close to giving up. She was my guide out of the chaos and helped me enormously with her teachings. I am extremely grateful that our paths crossed. Without Jay, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

Aslen Claymore

Founder/CEO @ Themisia - The Truth Incubator
“Jay's strategies are like a lightning bolt to the mind. They shift your paradigm and the way you see reality. You wake up to things you never knew about yourself.

I really enjoyed the mix of science, theory, & practical application.

The results are unmistakable and will improve all aspects of your life.”

Join our warrior tribe of visionaries, change-makers and men on a mission.

This training will allow you to see yourself the world in a way you never thought was possible. Discover a transformation like you never experienced before. Awaken and become the man you're born to be.

YES, I'm in!≫
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