Why Self-Development Is A Warrior Path

Not a long time ago, one of close friends and students of mine chose the Dark Path. Well, it was not so much of a conscious decision, really – he was just taken over. I’ll explain what it means, bear with me.

As his mind got taken over by the power of the Shadow, overnight, he turned away from everything he once believed in and stood for. He became a hateful, arrogant and spiteful person – an exact and shocking opposite of his previous self.

I always do my best to protect my students; but ultimately, everyone walks their own path and makes their own choices. If you have ever tried to save someone who didn’t want to be saved, you know exactly what I mean.

There is something so rarely spoken about that most people are unaware of it…self-development can be a dangerous field. Yes, you read it right. Those who sell their services in this sphere often present it as an all-fairies-and-unicorn-dust path to getting everything you want in life.

Heres to avoid misunderstanding: I’m not telling you that personal development doesn’t work. It does. In fact, it is the best possible investment in yourself and in your future that you can make. Training your mind in the right way _will_ make you more confident, powerful, focused, and more successful in whatever mission you have chosen for yourself.


There’s the other side of the coin. A secret one, which you perhaps didn’t even realise was there. By choosing to begin your path, you become a warrior in spirit. You come up on the radar of the forces that are much greater than you. The forces of Light and Shadow, as I refer to them. They are in constant war. You might have seen yourself how some of your friends and comrades who once shared your path but who were not far-seeing or knowledgable enough, were taken down and reduced to the slaves of the darkness.

I’ve seen it before. In fact, I’ve seen it many times. This world is a battlefield, and casualties happen. But still, it hits me hard. Every time. It’s never easy losing a comrade in arms, and seeing your best friend turning into your enemy overnight.

The thing is, we are warriors on a mission. We came into this world for a reason. And like in a physical war, we can’t afford to get distracted. If you lose your focus on the battlefield because someone else got shot – you might become next.

Not only that, but a warrior should have powerful tools to be able to heal himself quickly and efficiently when the need arises. The recent events made me realise that the techniques I use to bring myself back after being knocked down could help many people. They can become a lifesaving kit, the light at the end of the tunnel when the dark night seems never-ending.

While you can’t prevent heartbreaks and betrayals, you can choose how to respond to them. You don’t have to stay trapped in your pain. Instead, you can use it to grow your inner power and lead you towards aligning with your truth. In short, you can use that trial as an opportunity to wake up and transform your life.

Now you can learn how to do it.
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