Why You Should Become a Shadow-Hunter

Picture yourself for a moment as a hero on a mystical quest. You come riding from afar to find the enchanted land that legends told you about. Now, you are very close – you see a huge wall right before you. You know it separates this world from the one you seek. Your heart, your gut, your intuition – everything tells you that on the other side is what you need to make your life complete. You trod alongside the wall thinking how to climb over it. The height and the smoothness of the stones soon make you abandon the idea, though. You are also hesitant to leave your horse behind.

After long hours of searching, you finally see the gate – and you can’t believe your luck. You jump off the horse and walk closer, nearly convinced that the gate would be locked. To your great relief, it isn’t. But as soon as you try to walk through, a terrifying demon bars your way. You’re on your own, and you don’t even know how to fight demons, so you run for your life as far from that place as you can.

However, the thought of the gate and what can be behind it keeps haunting your mind. You know you can’t go there because a demon would be waiting for you, and yet, and yet…some strange compulsive force is drawing you back. Hesitantly, you ride just a little bit closer. And then closer. And then closer again. You keep riding restlessly to and fro at a distance where you can just see the gate. It seems unguarded. But as soon as you dare to approach it, the same demon lashes at you again. You’re forced to retreat once more.

This is how many people spend their lives – trapped in the limbo between their soul’s calling and their inner demons that torture them and keep them small. Their names are fear, insecurity, and the feeling of not being good enough. It’s hard to deal with them alone, especially without any training.

When looking for their life’s mission, many people are told that to find it they ‘just have to follow their bliss’ or ‘do whatever brings them most joy’. While not without a certain value, these pieces of advice taken literally can easily lead you astray.

Here’s why. Imagine that one of your greatest joys is going out, or eating ice-cream. Would you consider that your life’s Purpose? Or imagine a kleptomaniac who takes pleasure in stealing things, and it gives him genuine joy. Should he assume that by keeping on the criminal path, he gets in alignment with his life’s purpose?

It is true that when you live to your life’s mission you experience an intense feeling of being alive and effortlessly happy. But these rewards, together with appreciation from others and financial abundance, come ONCE you get there, in a form of side effects. They are the indicators that you’re following the right path.

So what are the road signs that tell you how to get there?

To make it possible for you to find and live your Purpose, to cross that gate to the Enchanted Land, you have to become a demon-hunter.

You have to learn how you detect your inner shadows and how to win with them. You have to learn how to move forward in spite of fear. Your real Purpose is not found on the path of self-indulgence. You will recognise your mission by the fact that although thinking about it gives you the feeling of strength and joy, at the same time it scares you. It is something you don’t easily agree with, and often even fight against. Because it’s overwhelming. Because you don’t see how you can do it. Because a demon is guarding the gate. And the demon is your fear.

To conquer it, you need to train your mind. You need to become a warrior in spirit, a martial artist of the mind. I know how hard this path can be, so I wanted to help others – the training and techniques I share are there to help you.

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